Have You Ever Heard Of London Stock Yellow Bricks?

Heard Of London Stock Yellow Bricks

If you are in London, it is likely you have seen the many buildings that are made of handmade stock yellow bricks. Although many of the older homes may not have that distinct yellow coloring, they once did, but it has worn over time. Many of the buildings that are located in SE England used these bricks, as well as the structures in London. They were used instead of the machine made bricks that became more popular, and they have a very distinctive style and color. If you would like to consider using these to build a structure of your own, here is where you can get them.

Why Are They Called Stock Yellow Bricks?

The name itself is not representative so much of the bricks themselves. Initially, it was an indicator as to where they were located. They are made of a type of clay, a particular yellow local clay that is commonly found on the ground all throughout London. It can vary in color from yellow to orange, and you can even find gray material as well. It typically looks more yellow when it is weathered, but it may have a blue or gray appearance if it has just been unearthed, not exposed to any wind or water erosion.

When Did People Start Using These Bricks?

These were started back in the 19th century. Part of the reason for their use was where the homes were originally built. If you know anything about the subsoil in and around London, it is made of a type of clay. When you excavate, you can expose what is called brick earth, and by molding them, and firing them, you can create the bricks that you see with these old-style buildings.

Where Can You Get Them?

You can get these from companies that are located in Sussex. If you are in Kent, they are also made there as well. They are not made in large quantities, but they are certainly available. They also have different variations such as red stock bricks, but if you want the ones that are directly from the London area, they are going to be yellowish in color.

If you have an idea for a new office or home that you would like to build, and you would like to use London stock brick instead of traditional bricks, there are always going to be some for sale. You may have to place your order early so that they can start making them to accommodate your schedule, but you will have plenty to finish your structure with. Even if you have never used these before, you can find people that know how to use the bricks and the proper mortar to keep them in place. As long as you are working with professionals that have consistently used London stock brick to make different structures, they should be able to follow your schematics and create exactly what you are envisioning.